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DeepTech and AI
Ecosystem in Ukraine

Access the Venture Capital and Private Equity market data in Ukraine, find out about local companies focused on DeepTech and AI
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560 companies 
260  investors
40 tech hubs
more than 60 000 data points

DeepTech and AI Ecosystem in Ukraine 2023

Explore the latest developments within the AI and Tech landscape in Ukraine through our comprehensive report. Delve into a thorough examination of the key players, investors, and technology hubs that are molding the Ukrainian AI and DeepTech sphere in 2023. This report offers insights into advancements and prospective growth in this evolving market, and delineates the potential obstacles and investment prospects that lie ahead.

Innovative Healthcare in Ukraine

Healthcare is one of the most technologically advanced industries in Ukraine. Despite the Russia-Ukraine war, which began in 2014, and all of its adverse economic effects, there are still a substantial number of creative healthcare businesses in a variety of healthcare fields.


In this research, we examine the whole Ukrainian healthcare sector with a focus on innovative approaches in fields such as R&D, BioPharma, Clinical Research, Clinics, Diagnostics, and Digital Health. These include analyses of chosen market areas, the influence of war on their growth, an evaluation of the deployment of cutting-edge technologies, etc.

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DeepTech and AI Ecosystem in Ukraine 2022

Discover the most recent trends in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in Ukraine in the report. Get the comprehensive coverage of companies, investors and tech hubs shaping the Ukrainian AI and DeepTech landscape in 2022. The report outlines key advancements in the field, gives an analytical assessment of future traction of the rapidly developing market in Eastern Europe, and sets the potential challenges and investment opportunities for upcoming years. 

AI and DeepTech Ecosystem in Ukraine 


AI and DeepTech Leaders in Ukraine

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Interactive Mindmap

View the full picture of the entire DeepTech and AI market in Ukraine through the interactive mindmap. Get the wide mapping of 560 DeepTech and AI companies, nearly 260 investors and 40 tech hubs. Access interactive mindmap to find the market dependencies and valuable data across the whole DeepTech and AI Ecosystem in Ukraine.

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Ukraine Has Become the Significant Player in the AI Market in Eastern Europe

Ukraine holds the leading position the in AI field across the Eastern Europe region in different parameters.  According to the 2020 Oxford Government AI Readiness Index, Ukraine is currently the number one artificial intelligence provider in Eastern Europe with 150 recognized providers compared to Poland’s 110.

Partially Diminished Investment Potential

The US takes the lead in the number of investors in AI companies in Ukraine accounting for almost half of all investors. Two-thirds of companies have seed funding status whereas VC firms and angel investors make up half of all investors of Ukrainian AI companies.

Software Development Industry Leads the Market

More than half of DeepTech and AI Industry companies (52%) are engaged in Software & Services, as of Q3 2023. It is followed by Internet Media & Services with the share of about 10%. Nearly one-fifth of companies work in EdTech, HealthTech, Industrial IoT, E-Commerce, GovTech, and Defence.

Governmental Initiatives Contribute to Further Growth of AI & ML Sector in Ukraine

The government officials has developed the National AI Development Strategy which take into account the best practices of leading countries. However, in Ukraine it was decided to prioritise human capital development (e.g. how to use the government education system more efficiently for work force in AI) and focus on several areas of AI, where the country can achieve a leading global position.

See the Ukraine DeepTech Dashboard in Action


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  • 99% of surveyed companies need additional funding

  • 37.4% of surveyed companies need relocation of the team

  • 41.1% of surveyed companies don't have enough savings to continue working

  • the absence of defined specialization of Ukrainian AI market

  • the need for solid educational ground in AI & ML field

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Possible Solutions

Collaborative Platform that could provide:

  • easy investors-to-companies matching

  • cooperation and support between companies

  • quantifiable assessment of the companies and specialized market intelligence for investors

  • conduction of investment rounds with ease

  • automated solutions for companies to track their relations with investors


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