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Innovative Healthcare in Ukraine
Overview 2022

600 companies 
R&D Hubs
More than 100 000 data points

Analytical Report

‘Innovative Healthcare in Ukraine, Q2 2022’ gives a comprehensive overview of the Ukrainian market of advanced medicine and innovative biomedical novelties.
All the technologies described in the analytical case study are already in use, available, and ready for further research. Against this background, a separate chapter provides an overview of several interesting scientific and technological convergences between ageing and organ healing as well as how the specific therapeutic approaches are used to protect and preserve the health and functionality of human body intersect with Practical Healthy Human Longevity.

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This is a brief description of the whole market research performed on that topic. This document can shine a light upon advanced healthcare industry in Ukraine. It is a feasible overview that depicts commercial and non-commercial, scientific, governmental organizations participating in healthcare Industry in Ukraine evolution.

One Pager

This is a short preview version of the whole market research briefly describing each segment of the study. Ukraine successfully attracts pharmaceutical companies from around the globe to conduct clinical trials of their products. The average level of clinical studies until 2022 was pretty stable, around 140 trials per year. However, as a result of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the clinical research has been temporarily stuck at the moment.

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This is the structured vision of the whole market of advanced biomedicine industry in Eastern Europe. New technologies, an ageing population, increased interest in quality healthcare — all of these factors make pharma stand out in today’s world economy. Ukraine is a full-fledged participant of this boom, with pharmaceuticals comfortably placed as one of the country’s top performers.

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