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DeepTech and AI
Ecosystem in Ukraine

Access the Venture Capital and Private Equity market data in Ukraine with the ability to invest in local companies focused on DeepTech and AI
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DeepTech and AI Companies Database

Access the comprehensive database of DeepTech and AI startups in Ukraine. Leverage advanced filtering options to get the full scope of data you need. 

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Investors Database

Get a comprehensive set of data about investors aggregated from numerous data sources.

  • View the portfolio structure of every investor in the database

  • Map the network of investors operating in Ukraine

  • Conduct effective market intelligence on investor’s activities to make vetted decisions (2).gif
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DeepTech and AI Leaders Database

See all the DeepTech and  AI Leaders in Ukraine in one place. Search the information by their names or explore the catalogue of their job positions and companies they work for.  You can click on the leader's name for the DeepTech and AI leader profile details and pin the person to your watchlist.

DeepTech and AI R&D Hubs Database

See all the information on research and development (R&D) centers, labs that focus on deep technology and artificial intelligence in Ukraine. The database aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the global DeepTech and AI research landscape and serves as a valuable resource for researchers and professionals interested in DeepTech and AI.


AI-Driven Analytical Tools

AI-driven Analytical Tools can be leveraged by DeepTech and AI startups and investors interested in DeepTech and AI Industry.

  • Investors analytical tool allows investors find their peers for portfolio comparison, as well as new co-investors for investment syndicates.  

  • Companies can leverage these tools for expansion of their investors universe, looking for investors who are interested in the similar companies. 

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