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DeepTech and AI Ecosystem in Ukraine

What is the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem in Ukraine? Does it have the potential to become a powerful global player in upcoming years? What investment opportunities can be unlocked in the AI market in Ukraine? Ukraine is getting larger attention as the fast-growing tech hub in Eastern Europe able to take strong competitive positions in innovative industries such as Artificial Intelligence and DeepTech. 

The analytical report is aimed to answer these questions and deliver a wide coverage of current trends shaping the Ukrainian AI market. It summarizes the recent developments in the market, defines the projections of future traction, and outlines potential roadblocks associated with it.

450 DeepTech and AI
270 Investors
20+ Hubs

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Analytical Report

The report contains the investment opportunities, sectoral and geographical distributions, coverage of the legislative environment, and practical recommendations to build the innovative tech ecosystem of Ukraine.  

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Interactive Mindmap
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