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The Role of Data Analytics in the Reality of Postwar Ukraine

Big Data is a cornerstone of the modern world. The one who possesses the knowledge is the one who sets the agenda both locally and globally.

With the outbreak of a full-scale war on the territory of Ukraine, our lives changed forever. It has almost been a year since the war began, with no end in sight yet. Hence, we had to adapt to a new world where our reality might be interfered with unpredictable, impetuous bombings and shelling.

Such existential circumstances of life and death might either break people or give them the power to become stronger.

Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) has assembled a sizeable team of professionals from Ukraine who chose to become stronger and not bend under the pressure. As a compassionate employer, the organisation didn’t shy away from such problems that affected Ukraine as:

  • The outflow of jobs and capital

  • Economic decline

  • Infrastructure damages

  • Decrease of investment potential and capital

Understanding all the hardships of this situation, management made a decision to support not only the Ukrainian team of contractors but the Ukrainian business ecosystem as a whole, which is the beating heart of the country’s economy.

That’s why in a pre-emptive effort to trigger capital inflow into Ukraine for the postwar era, Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA), the flagship DeepTech-focused analytical subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, launched the beta version of a data analytics platform that aims to attract investments to Ukrainian AI and DeepTech startups over a foreseeable period of time.

DKA has previously created similar platforms that cater to DeepTech sectors in the UK and Switzerland and now plans to repeat their success with a growing economy like Ukraine.

It is impossible not to mention the fact that investment remains one of DKG’s key priorities. However, investments are best made on the basis and availability of Big Data. This gave rise to the creation of InvestTech Platform for Investment in Private Equity. It has been launched this year to allow for quick and efficient capital investment and to enable startups, especially the Ukrainian ones, to raise funds and keep growing

DKG aims to remove existing barriers to investing in private markets and add value for all stakeholders with the launch of this platform.

Innovative LegalTech tools and e-documentation provide a clear, step-by-step investment process, enhanced by additional service integrations such as Analytics, IR Management and corporate payment solutions. This project sets an ambitious goal to provide start-ups seeking investments with a fully-fledged solution of meeting their various business needs.

This is yet another reason why Ukraine has every chance to become a new DeepTech and AI hub in the heart of Europe. We are glad to assist Ukrainian companies in their fundraising by providing the first iteration of our platform, which will connect investors and startups, inform investment decisions, and enhance tech innovation across the country.

Moreover, DeepTech and AI companies have a multiplier effect on other sectors of the economy due to their disruptive nature and practical applications. In this context, investments in Ukrainian tech companies will have a profound impact on the country’s economy as a whole.

At DKG, we believe that knowledge aggregation is the only way to achieve transcendent power. All our projects have a strong focus on DeepTech and Frontier Technologies, hence requiring the best professionals who can push these projects forward.

If you feel the courage and desire to become part of the paradigm shift, get in touch with me. In our company, there is always an opportunity for someone with passion to make a difference.


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