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Possible Solutions
for  DeepTech and AI Industry in Ukraine


AI Industry Analytics aims to find incentives to further development of AI and DeepTech in Ukraine. Therefore, the specialized collaborative platform will allow to contribute to building the network of tech entrepreneurs
  • Investors-to-companies smart matching

The analytical dashboard will ease the cooperation between companies and DeepTech investors. The algorithms embedded into the platform will provide the recommendations for both types of users on the mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Company-to-company smart matching

The tool is aimed to trace the interdependencies between
companies and provide opportunities to back each other
based on their industry fields.

  • SWOT analysis

The tool will allow investors to receive quantifiable
assessment of the companies and make a profound and
specialized market intelligence. 

Coming Soon
Investors relations management tool.png
Coming Soon
  • Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) fundraising platform

Our solution will allow investors to deploy capital easily in a time-efficient way and startups to fundraise and keep on growing. 

  • Investor relations management (IRM) tool

The tool will allow companies to automate and track their relations with investors. IRM will give the ability to build own interactive reports and graphs on outreach performance in form of the dashboard.

  • LegalTech platform

An IT-based compilation of legal investment processes to optimize investment relations and business transactions.

Coming Soon

Ready to Know More?

Read more information about possible solutions for AI market and startups in our report.
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